Why Use Lenticular?

maximize return on investment with lenticular printing

A Proven Eye-Catcher

Lenticular printing is proven to be more eye-catching and engaging than standard print. By using motion or 3D effects, you can present your message in new, exciting, and memorable ways. Because lenticular graphics work by being viewed from different angles, the viewer inherently spends more time interacting with the image. This process helps to improve brand recognition and message retention by creating an experience with your marketing message.

  1. Readers will spend 5 times longer viewing a magazine cover page with a dimensional graphic than one without.
  2. A test group showed an 85% increase in the time spent viewing the other pages of the ad, pages that were identical in the test and control groups.
  3. In the second exposure of an advertisement, viewers from a test group spent two times as long looking at the ad with the dimensional graphic than the ad without.
  4. Increased viewing time for an ad with a dimensional graphic was observed regardless of gender, age or education.
  5. Viewers of the ad containing the dimensional graphic rated the product as being better and ranked it higher than did the control group.


Virtual Images has a stellar team of designers and CG artists that specialize in lenticular design and effects. We combine technical and artistic expertise to help our customers make the best use of lenticular printing. In-depth knowledge of lenticular technology, lenses and production processes, and the use of digital halftone proofing allow us to provide the most accurate prototypes in the industry.


CHALLENGE: General Mills wanted to call attention to their increased use of whole grain in a new and exciting way on the front of its cereal packages. Known for breakthroughs in food technology, General Mills converted all of its cereals to whole grain in 2005, but wanted to draw more attention to this market differentiator. The solution would need to integrate with existing General Mills brand packaging, and be cost effective, while garnering attention by consumers.

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